LINE-X of Sterling Heights   37562 Van Dyke Ave  Sterling Heights,MI48312   (586) 795-5599
LINE-X of Sterling Heights
37562 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling HeightsMI 48312
 (586) 795-5599

Reviews Of LINE-X of Sterling Heights

5.00 12 Reviews
Hal Ruffner
Jun 13, 2018

Great quality of wish. Josh was friendly and professional.

Holly Scott Lewis
Mar 07, 2018

GREAT!!! I love all of my Line X gear! Highly recommended!

Holly Lewis
Mar 07, 2018

Love all of my Truck Gear from Line X! Great locally owned shop!

Joshua Thomas
Jan 15, 2018

I just picked up my 2015 GMC Sierra from this Line-X location this morning and let me tell you I was THOROUGHLY impressed. I got my bed, rocker panels done, off-road package, rustproof undercoating done. Upon walking in I pulled out my wallet to pay and Josh said, “well let’s go look at everything first”. I appreciate that. Not a rush at all to take money. So he took me in the shop and he and his colleague showed me their work and they even lifted my truck up to show me their work on the undercoating. Let me tell you that the man that did my undercoat (I wish I remembered his name he deserves an honorable mention here) did an EXCELLENT job. I was taken aback by how thorough and at how good of a job he did. I wish he took before and after pictures because they could’ve posted them on here to show how awesome of a job he did. Very professional. I will Be bringing other vehicles here for sure.

Rob Oda
Sep 14, 2017

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